President’s Welcome

Welcome to Upper Saint Clair and the Newcomers Club. We are so happy you have discovered our organization. We understand the challenges of being a new neighbor in a new community and we want to welcome you to our group‘s home page. Founded on the principles of being a social organization for women who have moved to the township in the last two years or who have undergone a major life event (such as birth of a first child, stepping out of the work force, divorce, etc) we have welcomed new neighbors for the last 60 years.

Personally when I moved to Upper Saint Clair from California two years ago, I was lost. I didn’t know a single person and my children were at an age where meeting other women with similar interests or backgrounds was a challenge. After discovering the Newcomers Club through an internet search and attending the kick off event I immediately started to find my place in the community.

We are a diverse group of women who have moved all over the world and are in different seasons of life. Some of us are single, some of us are newlyweds. We have mothers of young children, mothers with older children, or women with no children at all. We have members that cross generations but no matter where you are in life, we all have a common thread and that is the desire to connect with others and establish our place in this great community. We are here to help with that transition.

For an annual dues of $25, you will have access to a variety of offerings throughout the year. Monthly book club, family events, couples events, playgroups as well as opportunities to connect with fellow new neighbors on outings during the day and in the evening. Member favorites have included pig roasts, favorites parties, segway tours, fused glass making, PNC park tour, bowling, game nights, beer tastings, progressive dinners, just to name a few. You will also have access to our Facebook Page where you can connect daily with other members as well as find an abundance of information that lead to impromptu events, lists of babysitters, doctors and all the needs that aid in establishing your sense of community.

Explore our website and see what’s planned on our calendar of events as well as photos of our members enjoying past events. There is something for everyone and we want you to join us. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I’ve walked in your shoes and know all too well how far a welcoming smile goes. I look forward to meeting you.


Krystin Ciesco
President USC Newcomers Club 2015-2016

Where New Neighbors Become Old Friends