Rachel Moosa

This month’s feature member is Rachel Moosa.  She joined newcomers to make new friends in Upper Saint Clair.

Tell us about yourself: I am a British Mother of 9 year old twins. We moved to Pittsburgh a couple of years ago because my husband’s family is here. For the last 10 years we lived in Dubai. I also work full time (from home) as a Vice President for a Hotel company.

If you had $5,000,000 what would you do with the money and why? I would be an angel investor for women led start up companies.

If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why? Our English Bulldog puppy has a great life, I would trade with her.

If you could choose anything in the entire world for your last meal, what would it be? A dal makhni and naan bread from my favorite little restaurant in Dubai.

Which fictional place would you most like to visit and why? The Millennium Falcon with Han Solo and Chewie piloting it.

If you could only read/watch one book/movie for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why? Love Actually. I watch it every year to get in the mood for Christmas and it always makes me a little homesick for the UK.

What is the best place you’ve ever visited and why? I fell in love with Kenya the first time I visited and was lucky travel there many times on business. It is a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery and wildlife, and wonderful people.

What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you? I have been so lucky in life but I am especially lucky to have met my wonderful husband when we were both working in a hotel in Abu Dhabi.

If time travel were real: when and where in time would you go and why? I would love to see my Dad again, he passed away 10 years ago.
If you could wake up tomorrow and know absolutely everything about ONE thing… what would it be and why? Construction and building maintenance, I want to fix things but I just don’t know how!