Top 10 Things Colleges Look for in High School Students

Tuesday January 22, 2013 7:00 PM

What are colleges really looking for when they review a student’s application?… How important are standardized test scores?…Which clubs and organizations do colleges like to see?… How many Honors and AP courses should a student have?… Is community service really necessary?

Diane Vater, Independent Educational Consultant and founder of Vater College Advising, LLC, will present an overview of the key strengths and experiences that can increase a student’s potential for acceptance into one of his or her top-choice colleges. Learn how students can devote time and energy to things that are important, focus on their assets, and work towards becoming the best applicant they can be. This session is valuable for families with high school students as they move closer to the college application process, as well as families with middle school students as they make choices and prepare for the high school experience.

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1615 Trolist Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15241

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[box_grey] Diane Vater has focused on the college search and application process since 1999 and became an educational consultant specializing in college admissions in 2007. She has worked with students in 25 different school districts both in Pittsburgh and outside the Greater Pittsburgh area. Diane helps identify colleges which are the right fit academically, personally, and socially for the student and are the right fit financially for the family. A member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), the Higher Education Consultant’s Association (HECA), and the Pennsylvania Association for College Admissions Counseling, Diane spends 20% of her time visiting colleges and connecting with admissions professionals around the country. For more information please visit: [/box_grey]

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