Tanny Penaloza-Carrera

Our next featured member is Tanny Penaloza-Carrera.  She joined Newcomers because she wanted to meet new people. 

Tell us about yourself: 

I’m from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I moved to Pittsburgh 9 years ago to get my BA/MBA. 

I’m a Sr. PM for a software company downtown. I work on projects to improve customer experience and the adoption of our product/features. 

I’m married and have a 3 years old boy, Bash. He is our office manager. We moved here in 2018 when we realized that we needed more space for our very active toddler. 

Here are some fun facts about Tanny: 

If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why?

Hummingbird! They can fly and enjoy nature, and are associated with good luck and joy. I love the legends about these beautiful animals. 

If you could choose anything in the entire world for your last meal, what would it be?

A plantain based traditional Ecuadorian meal. 

If all the States in the USA were represented by food, what food would each state that you have lived in be represented by?

This will be a long answer. But, as mentioned, I’m not from here. My first time in Pittsburgh, my now husband took me to a restaurant to celebrate and the waitress asked if I wanted “pop.” I thought it was odd I was offered what I thought was popcorn. I also thought it was interesting she just called it “pop” but didn’t ask for clarification and nicely declined. Only to later find out she was referring to what I knew as “soda.” Since then, I always associate popcorn with PA 😅. 

What is the best place you’ve ever visited and why?

Japan. It was absolutely beautiful, the food was delicious and whenever we needed help, we always found a person willing to give us a hand. 

What is the luckiest thing that has ever happened to you?

My friend gave me his bingo card because he thought it was “lame,” and I ended up winning the cash prize. He wasn’t happy, but I was thrilled. My first time winning something and it wasn’t even mine.