Wanted: 2017-2018 board members

We are asking for volunteers & nominations for the following 2017-2018 USC Newcomers Board positions:

Executive Board Positions:
Treasurer: contact Sydna Burns
Secretary: contact Kelly Starek Ross

Board Positions:
Couples Events: contact Ann Marie Pirnat
Ladies Day Out: contact Bethany Hoag Salmen, Tiffany Dekkar
Community Affairs: contact Brenda Holt de Wollmann
Playgroup: contact Eva E. Yager
Publicity/Directory Editor: contact Stephanie Cooper
Mailings: contact Teresa Zerfa
Dues & Membership: contact Frances Scher
Hospitality: contact Megan Watson

Many of these positions would support a chair and co-chair partnership! Come one, come all to lend your support and GREAT IDEAS for these rewarding volunteer positions next year! IF you don’t see a board position listed that you are interested in, let us know what you would love to help with! Contact the current chair listed above with your questions or Ann Marie at (412) 319-7499  am_pirnat@yahoo.com.