Informal Events

We’ve been getting some questions about the informal events happening as CDC guidelines allow for groups to meet.

What is an “official” Club event versus an “unofficial” event? The Club decided not to have any “official” in-person events through the 2020-2021 year (ending in May).  Based on the previous CDC and state guidelines, the Club’s board decided not hosting any in-person events was the safest option.  This is also why we are not collecting dues for this year.

As the distancing guidelines have changed (and vaccinations have become readily available) members of the Club have been interested in having in-person events again.  These events are “unofficial” because they are being planned by any Club member (not just committee chairs) and are not posted on our website (  The member who plans the event will decide what “Covid rules” she would like (masks required, vaccines required, limits on total attendees, etc).

I hope this clears up any confusion!  Please feel free to reach out to Anne with any questions or comments (